How many tailgaters on an account?

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  1. Does anyone know how many tailgaters / receivers you can have on an account? At home I only have one Hopper 3 and I have one Wally that I use with my tailgater. My camper has three TV's. I have a pathfinder antenna that I can hook two receivers to and would like to add another Wally bringing my total to two.

    - Will Dish let you have two receivers in addition to your main receiver that you can turn off and on as you wish (ie: tailgater use)?

    If I wanted to have another Wally/Tailgater for a second home would they let me have a total of three?

    Just thought I would ask here before I call the Dish team.
  3. Up to 2 HD solo non DVRs. Both must be purchased.
  4. Thanks... I thought that it might be something like that.
  5. Yup, I think I bought 2 of the 211k receivers for my camper and they were $50 each. Then each one adds $7 a month to your dish account.
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  6. Only while they are activated.... If you are on the road for a month, you activate for that month...
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  7. I leave one of mine active all year, the other one only when I travel.

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  8. I just got off the phone with DISH only to be told that I could not get a second Wally! They offered me a VIP211K but told me that I could only have one Wally on the account because I have a Hopper. Is that the same experience that others have seen? I don't understand why it matters if its one Wally and one VIP or two Wallys.
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  9. I think I remember that someone posted that they got around this by purchasing a Wally from somewhere else, and then just called Dish to activate it. Maybe Dish won't sell you a second Wally, for some reason, but they should be able to activate another one, once you have already purchased it.
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  10. So dumb trying to limit customers on the equipment they can have on their account.
  11. I know that they allow 2 hoppers and 2 211's on an account. I would have gotten the latest hopper and added a joey to replace the second one but would have lost a lot of hard drive space for shows and didnt feel like messing with an external hard drive and the cost of it to make up for it.
  12. I have a H3, 6 Joeys in the house and 3 Wallys in the RV. Before we had 2 Hoppers and 6 Joeys in the house and 3 211z in the RV. All on the same account. Initial setup took several phone calls and an eventual transfer to the Office of the President to get it done. Believe it or not they actually google earthed our house to make sure it wasn't fraud. It was not a pleasant experience but in the end we got what we wanted.
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  13. I like the idea of just buying it myself. It's just a bunch of bull that they will sell me a 211 but not a Wally. What's their problem? Do they not have enough inventory?
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