How much futher west is the 105 sat comparied to the 110?

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I know this may be a silly question but I have a dish 500 system and I get the 110 sat but im not really sure how close I am to a balcony from blocking its view, my concern is that I wont be able to recive the 105 sat for HD programing when the Superdish comes out. Anyone know how much further my line of site has to be to pick up the 105 sat compaired to the 110 sat? Do you think since I have no reception problems with the 110 that I should get the 105?
Sorry I think the 105 sat is East not West being that Im on the west coast....
You are correct: the satellite at 105 is in geosynchronous orbit 5° east of the satellite at 110.

The apparent angular separation (at your location) between these two satellites can only be determined by knowing your location.
Well if it helps I am in Sacramento California..
Well if it helps I am in Sacramento California.. Is there a program that I can download that includes the 105 sat, I have a program for dishnetwork but it does not mention the 105 sat
I aimed a dish at 105 by downloading the Sat Master Pro demo version and putting in 105 for the satellite position and my coordinates (long and lat). Worked great, took less than 5 minute to peak and aim the dish.

For Sacramento your compass heading would be about 139 for the 105 Satellite.
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