How to add more than 8 lnbs

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Mar 20, 2010
Does anybody knows how can I add more than 8 sats (lnbs) to 4 boxes??? All my dishes are fixed. Actually I'm using 4 switches 4x4 and 4 Diseqc switch to feed them. I used every port controling the 22khz On and Off for each one to have control over the 8 lnbs. Now I'm becoming to the point which I want to add 1 or 2 additional ones but do not know have a clue how to do it. Anyone??? Thanks
If your receivers can do Diseqc 1.1 get a 8x1 switch. Then you can just do what you currently have but add more LNB's
If not then its a little more difficult
My current system would allow 4 receivers on about 20 birds.
check out my pics in the dish farm thread. it shows my unfinished switches layout.
i currently have 2 receivers set up to the switches already.I have the potential to go up to 32 birds at one time if i was crazy enough. i would just need to add more 8bys and multis.
its REciever-4XDiseqcs- to Diseqc1.1 X8bys to the multi-switches (these multi-switches i do not recommend, keep your good ones) then to bandstacked lnbs.
It would do a Flat 16 birds that need 2 coax cables. but i use a little guile to get 2 birds on some switches some times.
I dont recommend my multiswitches as they seem to feed back Diseqc commands that sometimes knock the other receiver out.
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just found out that i will need (4) 8x1 (one for each box) plus an additional 4x4

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