How to get a VCR to work with 811?


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Oct 1, 2003
Hazel Green, WI
My 811 was installed today. It works just like already mentioned in other posts. Hopefully, it will be better when the aspect ratio download happens along with the guide upgrade.

I can watch SD using the s-video input and then the picture can be zoomed with my TV so it fills the screen. However, the picture seems dark and a bit fuzzy when I do this so I hope Dish doesn't wait too long with the download.

I had planned to use a VCR to record certain SD programs but I can't get the darn thing to record whats on the satillite signal. There is a cable feed going to the VCR so my next step is to get rid of it.

No matter what I do, the VCR wants to record the cable signal, even with the cable going into the 811 and using the RCA outs to the VCR.

My next attempt will be to, as I said, eliminate the cable altogether, (I don't need it anyway) and run the line from the outputs on the 811 to the VCR. Then I'll use the RCA outputs from the VCR to the TV. If that doesn't work I'm not sure what to do. If anyone has any ideas about this I'd sure appreciate it.

If I get it figured out I'll let you know. :?
Composite cable out from 811 into composite input of VCR

VCR set to Input or Aux Input

Satellite receiver ON tuned to desired channel.

You should be able to monitor the VCR by using the VCR composite out hooked to your TV.
With your present situation when you set up your vcr to record, do you select the aux or line input as opposed to a particular channel #.
If you are using the RCA inputs that usually corresponds to the aux or line input.
Ransack said:
What's a VCR??? ;)

It was a primitive device used to record vidio and audio on a tape made of mylar or some other plastic with an iron oxide coating that the signal was magnetically transfered to. Has been replaced by DVRs DVD-Rs etc.

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