How to get extra hubby points from wifey!


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Feb 4, 2020
Ken ta kee
I’d like to share my experience with you folks just in case you may have a similar situation.
The wife and I went up to Erie, PA for a vacation a week ago. Nice Airbnb with good size tv. Fire tv to stream from Amazon. No cable or satellite. ( The owner will install antennas for 7 units to get local channels soon.) The wife was disappointed since she couldn’t watch MSNBC. But, the Internet service was fast.
So, I was able to fire up Dish anywhere app on my iPad and stream whatever she wanted from my package. I wanted to get more loving from her and decided to mirror ( sync? Whatever the term is.) from iPad to tv. I made sure both tv and iPad settings allowed mirroring. No luck. I found out that you need to do that within Dish anywhere app. ( Pressing one of the two options at top when the app is open. Can’t remember which).
Anyhow, it worked the first day. Great picture quality. The next day, it wouldn’t. So many attempts. Turn devices off and on, try this, try that. Nope. Then ,my old brain told me to do this, and it worked rest of the vacation.
Home page on Amazon. Scroll to the right and select app icon. Find the app for the program you want, msnbc, cnn,fox, etc. download and run. It asks who the provider is. I selected Dish. Enter Dish user name and password. You do this only once. It worked great. You turn tv on scroll down and select the app you want. The morning we left, I deleted the app not wanting my personal info to stay with tv.

Highly recommend it if you have a fussy wife!