How to improve low beam signal for locals?


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Oct 22, 2006
I'm located on the fringe of the Pittsburgh, PA local spot beam, which is on Sat 110, TP 29. On most days (even a cloudy/rainy day) the best signal meter shows around 45-48, which works/looks fine. But with bad weather (windy or really cloudy/rainy) the signal drops to 39-42 range and if it goes below 39 the locals drop in and out. And that's what happens a lot -- I have the locals for 2 minutes (signal must be at 40+) then the channel drops "acquiring signal" comes up (must go below 39 for a few secs) and then 5 seconds later I get the channel back (signal goes back to 40+ and locks).

I have the SuperDish, and I've tried peaking the signal on the 110/29TP, but did not get much signal improvement. (My "national" channels all peak above 90's if it matters and work great, no matter what the weather)

What what be the recommendation to try and keep the local signal above 40? (because again even if it's 41, it stays locked and works/looks fine, too bad I can't change the receiver software to lock a signal of 35 or higher)

Can I use an in-line amplifier on the 110 LNB (connected before the DP34 multiswitch)?

Or since the 110 LNB sits slightly off-center on the SuperDish, can I take 110 LNB and put it on it's on dish to get a higher signal? (I do have an already mounted round DirecTV dish right near it, or do I need an oval or SuperDish?)

Any help is much appreciated.

The inline amps are just for long cable runs. They won't help AT ALL if your signal is low to begin with.

What I would do is get a larger dish just for 110 (a 30 inch dish). That way you can peak it just for 110. You still might have problems when the weather is bad but, it should be a lot better than your signal is now.

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