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Nov 24, 2006
i have been diagnosedwith ms and no longer want to work at least not at my current place of work i have been strangly consideringleaving but donot know what problems programs might ebe availbale to me. i wont towalk out no expanation whatsoeverbut i dont know i wont people to rememebr me as something good and im afraid it that would tarnish my legacy that i hvae lef tover the years and it is a good one a dman good one. im taking proceeds from my insuracne policy i bout one years ago in event i got sick with some disease and it has sent me the money and i twill use it to pya off my home hey no more house payments any sugestions how to quit or when to quit or things ot be looking out for i cant wait to walk out the wya i was belittled for years and years on end it has been a eleven year jorney and i have not seen much in pay incrased only fourteen thou in eleven years but wont to keep my excellent legacy in tact any ideas or suggestions


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Feb 16, 2004
Just a general suggestion: don't rush into any decision. Take time to think it over. Decide what you want to do next. If you want to go to another job start looking for it. It's easier to find another job while you are still employed. Quitting is the easy part.

Good luck!

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Apr 26, 2006
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I absolutely would not QUIT your job until you research your options fully. I am not familiar with the avenues open to MS sufferers, but there should be some help for you in the lines similar to Jerry Lewis' MDA organization. Seek out the agencies and support groups related to MS and get advice there. There are others out there that are afflicted with the same condition and they have support groups and organizations that can help you, too. Not knowing how far progressed your MS is, you should still remain active (job or otherwise). With any affliction, you should always keep active as that makes/keeps your heart and your mind as well as your soul and psyche healthy and quitting in any sense is not an option.



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Mar 10, 2007
I would also keep in mind that even though the mortgage is paid it is inevitable that property taxes, homeowner insurance, electricity, etc. must still be paid.


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Jul 20, 2005
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I assume you have medical insurance at the current job. Keep that as long as possible.


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Sep 5, 2005
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xtgold said:
If you are at home all the time your utility bills and food bills jump.

Food may go up or may go down. It depends if you change your eating habits. Utility bills could go up depending on your current setup.

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