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Sep 18, 2008
When I press the remote DVR button and select the Source drop-down box immediately to the right of the Red Recordings button, I now see the other two Hopper's in the home. Until yesterday, my Hopper did not show other Hopper's listed which is how I want it. How do I remove the other two Hoppers from view? I don't want others in the home to accidentally delete my programs which has already been done several times.

Obviously I've pressed a button or two that I should not have so how do I remove the other Hopper's from my view and mine from theirs? If this helps, when I check the Network, Whole House view, the other Joey's are Un-Linked but both of the Hopper's indicate nothing next to them.

I've even tried pulling the Wi-Fi USB attachment from my Hopper to try and drop the connections but it didn't help.



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Dec 29, 2006
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Wasn't there an isolator for the duo node for 2 Hoppers? I have no idea how to separate 3, but maybe you could separate the one that you want private.


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Feb 16, 2008
Yes, a DISH Isolator on the the line feeding the Hopper that you want to isolate should do it. :)


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Apr 9, 2006
The point is the Isolater must be installed at the proper point(s) in the network, so you can DYI or you have to call Dish or a Dish retailor to install it for you. This is something that is best decided BEFORE install because there is no extra charge to place the isolator at the time of install, but you will have to pay if you want Dish or a retailer to do it for you. I know that you did not know about the default install of Hoppers being able to see each other because Dish never mentions this as an option. I tell everyone considering the multiple Hoppers to think about if they want the Hoppers to see each other or NOT, and I am suprised at how many say they would want an Isolator for various reasons, mostly kids not acessign Mom & Dad's naughty word filled TV shows or not wanting the teenagers to have ANY access to the parents DVR and erase recordings or otherwise mess things up.

BTW, Hoppers that can see each other on the net provide access ONLY to DVR recordings for playback and, yes, deletion, but they do NOT provide any access to Timers, personal settings, etc. In order to access those settings, you would have to LINK the Joey to that Hopper. However, there is a feature that can have a show record on the "other" Hoppper if the Hopper you are setting the recording will have all tuners in use for other recordings. An Isolator should prevent this feature from popping up.


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Sep 18, 2008
Menu, Settings, Network Setup, Broadband, Wireless Setup, Wizard, then I selected the router that was recently removed from the home and now I do not see the other Hoppers recorded DVR programs.
Thanks very much for advice here about an "isolater" and what exactly Hoppers that see each other are permitted to do.
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