How To: Setting Azimuth

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Jan 20, 2010
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I thought I'd share a tecnique I use to set AZIMUTH. What I do is get a standard 2x4 and put one end of it at the base of the dish. I put my compass on the other end of it and rotate the compass so that my desired azimuth (in degrees) is parallel to the 2x4 (length wise). I then pivot the board at the base and swing it around until the arrow on the compass points directly at zero. The direction the 2x4 is pointing is the direction in which you need to point your dish. I've found this method to be very effective at aiming my dish on a polar mount, and gets me close enough to see some quality.

In the pictures below, the azimuth for my desired satellite was 133°. In the second picture you can see the compass on the edge of the 2x4, opposite the pole.



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Mar 3, 2006
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I did kind of the same thing except I used a long string (about 50-60') across the yard. Tied it around the pipe and pulled it tight.

It helps you to get away from metal masses
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