How to setup OTA (Over-The-Air) Antenna -Tuner To A Wally


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Dec 27, 2023
Ok, I'm back with another problem, or solution on how to setup a OTA tuner to this Wally receiver. I have a large roof antenna that I've used for over 25 years to get our local Joplin, Mo stations on our old 301.311, and VIP211K receivers. Now that I have this Wally receiver. It only has one in port for satellite or OTA, and I use that for the Dish satellites. I do get the Tulsa stations (paid for by the Dish 250 channels subscription) But, I live in eastern Kansas and those Pittsburg and Joplin channels we watch when the rain clouds cut out the Dish channels.
I have a device called.. KAGO HDMI Splitter 1 in4 Out 4 way that I now use to send HDMI to two other Dish receivers by HDMI signal. I see that Dish sells a device called OTA Tuner that has a Coax port for in from a roof antenna and a output HDMI to connect to the Wally. Dish wants about $60.00 for this item. So, here's the question. Due to the fact there is only one (1) HDMI port on the Wally and that is used by the above KAGO splitter input connect. It appears I won't be able to connect the OTA with it's HDNMI connector. Is there a better device somewhere that I can buy to solve this OTA matter?
The OTA device does not use HDMI, it uses USB of which the Wally has two. I use one USB for the OTA tuner and one for the hard drive so that I can use the Wally for a DVR. The satellite locals cost an extra $12 month on the Top 250 package, unless you are on some kind of special offer contract where they threw them in.

Hope that answers your questions.
The OTA adapter has a coax connector on one end and a USB connector on the other. You attach your antenna coax to the adapter and then plug the USB connector into the USB port on the Wally. Then you go to settings and OTA channels and scan for channels. Once scanned you save and you are good to go. HDMI does not get used for OTA so you have no issue there.