HR34 clock off?

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Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
something I've noticed here this past week.

A couple days this week I've recorded the US Open "court" channel. They are about 9 hours in length. The clock seems to "slow down" (again I'm comparing it to cell phone and clock on the wall) and after the recordings are done if I shut (standby) receiver within 10 minutes the clock gets fixed.

today same thing. Started recording college football games at 8AM this morning (Notre Dame game) and it has recorded various programs all day (games, race, Twins game, other series show) and tonight it was almost a minute behind (it had been recording something for 13 hours at the time). Once all those got done at 10:00 (receiver was off) and went into standby when I turned it back on at 10:10 (wanted to watch the weather) the time was back to spot on with the clock on the wall (literally to the second).

just some food for thought.....
Please reply by conversation.

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