Hulu+: Farmed and Dangerous


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Oct 13, 2003
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Farmed and Dangerous is a new experiment in TV advertising using long form show that makes an impression in a very subtle and entertaining way. The producer is Chipotle Fast food company whose menu is based on healthy food, not unhealthy, like Burger King or McDonalds. ( McDonalds used to own Chipotle too!) The show pokes fun at how big corporations are controlling the food industry, buying politicians, and shutting down healthy food enthusiasts.

Anyway, the series is about a PR firm, headed up by Ray Wise that tries to help the image of a company client of a new way to grow cattle in a factory. They feed the cattle food made from petroleum OIL as a way to bypass and streamline the cost of farm grown beef. But there is one problem, the cows are flammable and the PR firm goes through all sorts of humorous shenanigans to cover up the problem and public opinion after a cow bursts into flames and the video of it goes viral on Google. I was laughing all the way through the two episodes that are currently up on Hulu+ The commercials are also reverse psychological tactics too. These are calls for the viewers to text in some word and win free Chipotle food coupons. Ray Wise the head of the PR firm that hates eating healthy wants everyone to text in so Chipotle will be forced to give away free food and eat into it's profits to screw over the share holders. So even the commercials are hilarious.

It's almost worth the $7.99 a month HULU+ just to watch this show. Check it out: Farmed and Dangerous