I found the Motherlode of satellite dishes

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Angry consumer!
May 23, 2009
Even though I never met this guy until yesterday, I have talked to him on the phone over the past 18 months a few times. I always had a picture in my mind of what he looked like. Of course that picture was nothing like what he really looks like. What he really looks like is what I always imagined your ex to look like, LOL seriously!

In all seriousness, he really isn't my ex of course but they must have been separated at birth. My ex was a junk collector and brought home any and everything he found on the side of the road. Including old satellite dishes.
He had kooky ideas, :loco: or so he told me, of making a solar water heater out of old C-band dishes. He also picked up oodles of little pizza dishes too. For what, I do not know.
All the old C-band dishes got crushed and or stolen when we sold the family property where they were stored but there was one here in pieces at the house for probably 10+ years on the side of the garage that escaped the trash pile.
I dug it out, found all the parts and over about a year's time, I restored and assembled it and made it work.. :)

Oh, and my ex, just average looking. Not ugly, not handsome, just average.. :bored:
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