I just called Dish Network about 6000 promo...can't get it

M T Jones

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Nov 28, 2003
The lady I spoke to said the promo ran until the 24th of Nov. I asked
her to check with her Supervisor since it had only been 5 days past.
She came back on and said the supervisor wouldn't do it.

Has anyone gotten the promo recently, after the supposed 24th cutoff?

If so, how do I go about getting the deal too?

thanks in advance,
Mike Jones
well, I think they ran out of units too, they're having trouble completing installs of those whom already had their orders processed. Some have gotten then 8VSB module, but, no word on receiver install. Some even had their installs cancelled until further notice.
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I've seen a few other poster remark the 6000 promo was over after talking with Dish. You might want to keep an eye out here, I'm guessing as these 811's start rolling out (maybe next week) you might see a few 6000's go up for sale. The 6000 is an economical solution to getting some HD programming.
When i talked to the CSR last week, she said the promotion ran until the end of January....either they sold all of 6000s they had in inventory or the CSRs don't know what the hell is going on

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