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Sep 7, 2003
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I came into work this morning and noticed there were a bunch of news trucks parked around my office. I didn't know why they were here.

A little while ago I went to get a soda from the soda machine and looked outside and saw all kinds of police outside.

I asked a co worker what was going on out there and was told Vice President Dick Cheney was coming to town.

I said really? Went into my office and grabed my new 4 megapixel camera and headed outside. :)

Outside I was informed by a police officer that I just missed the VP going in. So I waited for him to come out. As I waited a group of protesters came over and I talked with them and took some pictures of them.

One guy was dressed all in red white and blue carrying Old Glory, this guy was russian and was singing of praises of America (This guy loves the USA) So as the other protesters were yelling the guy in red white and blue started chanting USA, after awhile they let him chant USA! USA! USA. Within a few moments they used his calls to get their message out, the guy in Red White and Blue would yell USA and the protesters would yell "Get out of Iraq"

While the protesters had their stuff they were protesting everyone was very friendly with eash other, even if they disagreed with what each was standing up for.

As the Vice President was pulling out I shot a picture of his limo, and then put down my camera and clapped which caused a bunch of the protesters to look at me, they asked me why I was clapping for him, I said something to the effect of, you may not like the guy or agree with what he does but he is still the Vice President of the United States. The protestes AGREED with me and they chanted USA as he drove away! (It was funny!) I shook hands with everyone and returned upstairs to my office.

Kind of cool.

Heres some pics I took.


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Sep 6, 2003
You should post the photo to this site so all can be assured his is still alive....



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Sep 7, 2003
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Aren't those No War On Iraq signs a little old now??

Maybe they are protesting that the "war" and American fighting should end......America has lost more soldiers since the President "declared" an end to the fighting they we lost in the "official" war.....

After all, the reason the President stated we are going to go to war (Weapons of Mass Destruction) has so far been a non-reason.....

Makes one wonder, just why we are continuing losing American lives, and continuing to kill Iraquiis....

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