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Aug 26, 2006
Ok im trying to cancel my dish network subscription and get Direct TV.....well when calling dish network to cancel, they said for me to cancel i have to pay TWO cancellation fees....

the first one is for a year contract that ends on oct 5th

the second is for for a promotion that ends in January 23rd

Is that right that they can have TWO OVERLAPPING contracts for one account...because i have never heard of it happening before.

Anyones help will be appreciated

P.S.... Is there anyway to get a free "sh!tty" receiver from Dish, to use on a second TV i have.


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Jun 17, 2006
Rockford, IL
That's weird.

I am a retailer and that doesn't make sense. The 1 year contract- yes. But for a promotion?

I have heard of two separate contracts; 1 from DISH and 1 from a retailer if you went through one, but something is fishy.


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Sep 25, 2006
To answer the question YES. Yes you can have a contract with both a retailer and directly through dish at the same time. Also you can have more than one agreement and/or contracts through just E*. For example, You are a new customer under the original dish 18 month agreement then three months after you started this account you decide to upgrade to a HD receiver through Dish n' It Up promotion. In this case you would be under both the original 18 month new customer agreement and the upgrade 18 month agreement, thus if you cancel you would have to pay for both early cancellation fee's.

Hope this helps

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