I try to be good, pay my taxes and the IRS makes it difficult! (1 Viewer)

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Oct 13, 2003
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I had heard that you can file your 1099's and 1096's this year via software and laser printed forms. I was mis-led. After spending 2 hours yesterday at the IRS office just to get the forms, I am told that you still have to use a typewriter to do these forms or buy the service on the internet. I investigated that route and, yes you can but the price was obscene, first 500 1099's costs a flat rate of $200. I have only 2 to fill out. The IRS office was very stingy with the forms and that was all I got, 2! She said I'd have to come back another day or she gave me this card on where to order them.

So now I'm on a quest to find an antique typewriter. I stopped in some pawn shops and an antique store but they looked at me as if I were nuts. Everyone tried to convince me I needed to buy a computer and a printer! I didn't explain that this was an IRS requirement!

In my best Andy Rooney imitation,
Why can't the IRS update this form for people like me who only need to fill out a couple. Why do they still require you type it out on a typewriter or pay a fortune to the service bureaus who are set up to handle thousands for large companies? Their other forms are all Laser printable, why not 1099 misc?

Sorry, I will hand print it with my best drafting level print in black ink and if that's not good enough, tough! I'm tired of searching antique stores for a typewriter. The IRS needs to get into the 20th century at least and stop requiring we use a device invented just after the civil war and became totally obsolete in 1983, 20 years ago!

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Wow, I use to service computers for the IRS, except for a few people there most people did not have a typewriter.


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Sep 9, 2003
Quickbooks, Quicken Premier and Peachtree do 1099's

Don, any of the above software packages do 1099's and w-2's and you can buy them with rebates often times for zero dollars. I am an accountant and have Peachtree and if you need just a couple of 1099's done you can email me at cbusbee@verizon.net with the info and I will do it gratis. Just because you have passed on much good advice to me over the last couple of years.
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