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Jun 19, 2005
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If you are a current Hughes subscriber you WILL NOT be automatically switched to the Spaceway 3 satellite, you will have to upgrade your equipment. I was doing an installation for a customer who was adding a SME account and already had a regular home account yesterday, while I was there he called to downgrade his home account's service. He was installing the SME "small and medium enterprise" account because he needed a higher FAP. Somehow the new KA service came up in his conversation with the support technician and he was told that both of his services would automatically switch when KA was offered nationwide. I have no idea why tech support would tell customers this, more than likely just to get them off the phone, but if you have been told this you must upgrade to the new KA service which means a trip out by a technician and new equipment.

As of this moment I have not heard any details about upgrade offers, but when I do I will pass the info on.

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