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Aug 18, 2004
There are many of us snowbirds who bring one of our DISH receivers with us as we head south for the winter in our RVs. No we are not cheating. The other receivers remain off until we return home.Well about the time you hit Guadalajara Mexico. That single DISH 500 antenna has turned into a 1.4 meter antenna for, 119 W and a 2 meter for 110 W. (yes I know I could use one elliptical dish with 2 LNBs) Well until the arrival of Echostar 10, one could not get all of the CONUS beam transponders from Echostar 6 & 8 on this 2 meter dish.

What we didn't get wasn't very important and were on transponders 3, 23,25,26,29, & 31.

Well they are all coming in again. As confirmed by me and the local satellite dealers. Not that it really matters as we start heading back up North next week

By the way the only way to get the Seattle Local stations this far south, 3 of which are broadcast via satellite in HD, is via the Canadian Star Choice system. Luckily the wife is from BC (Anik F-1R & 2 with a 36 inch by 26 inch dish)

Oh, also playing around with my 12 foot C/Ku dish, adding a DISH LNB and pointing at 129 W I could get the VOOM HD signals fading in and out.

Well it's time to start driving back home, it's getting too hot here in Mexico.

At least Gas and diesel are cheap in Mexico, the equivalent of $2.23 US per gallon for regular and slightly less than $2.00 per gallon for diesel. Drinking rum is expensive though, $5 per liter and if you are really rich, Bacardi costs about $10 per liter


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Sep 8, 2003
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E-10 is a SPOT Beam satellite, so it has no impact on 110 from mexico as all the spots are pointed at various parts of the US and not Mexico. 110 conus programming is coming from E-8 now I beleive and E-6 is "dark" in a "spare" state.

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