In Seattle H&I moved from 35-00 KVOS HD to 293 HERIC 293 SD - why SD and not HD?


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Jun 23, 2024
I know about the Weigel drama with Univision taking over from H&I on KVOS.

But why isn't HERIC on 293 in HD? H&I on KVOS 35 was HD. Is it no longer broadcast in HD b/c the subchannel it is on now has never been HD? Is this going to change?

The shows (like Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Hawaii 5-0, etc) looked great on 35 in HD. Now they are the usual awful grainy SD on 293.
never been hd to my knowledge it also not transmitted in hd on verizon fios, there alot SD channels on dish I wish where HD, I dont think SD channels of any kind should be thing in year 2010 let alone 2024,

To my eye most streaming services have better PQ then most of dish channels. now that dish has "streaming" feed for when signal goes down, that thought is reinforced, as most streaming versions of said channels look better at lest to me anyway.

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