Indoor Antenna?


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Mar 23, 2004
I'm looking to get an OTA for my 811 but I don't want to put anything on my roof just yet, will an indoor antenna still work? If so, do you guys have any recommendations on which indoor antenna I should get?

Thanks alot!
Way too general a question, my friend. There are just too many variables.

First, find out how far you are from the various transmitters - and which directions they are from you.

What might be in the way - buildings, hills, etc.? Are they all pretty much in the same direction from you? Are they more than a few miles away?

If they're close, a very simple cheap UHF antenna might be plenty. Grab one from the junk pile and see what happens. Note that you might hang your 811 when scanning OTA (no matter what antenna you might have) - don't worry, a reboot will fix it.
My guess if your not using an existing HD Antenne outside for off air then your inside one may very well work but probably limited to your area network channels.

Example would be in my area my CBS and FOX affilates are in the town I live in and I can get them, but the NBC and ABC ones are about 100 miles away and I can't get them even with one mounted outsided due to the range.

I do reccommend one with a built in amplifier to boost signal if your going to get one and they are cheapest at Wal-Mart running around 25 bucks.