Info on Zinwell .3 LNB on EBAY

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May 26, 2005
Hi Everyone
I found some info on the zinwell .3 lnb that they are selling on Ebay. A guy ran some test on 5 different units (one being the zinwell) and gave the results.
Here is what he said.

The results.

Hope you all can read my scribble! Five LNB's put to the test using four satellites and 23 transponders. Each LNBF was skewed, peaked and aligned individually for best results.

Some of these LNBF's have been tested before but I bought a Zinwell LNBF on it's 0.3dB noise figure claim so decided to do it all again.

Three are universals (Invacom, Zinwell, Jonsa) the Sharp covers 11.7-12.75 GHz and the BK 525 came from the dump with a claimed 1.0dB noise figure and covers 12.25-12.75 GHz. The Invacom claims 0.3dB also and the Jonsa I think is 0.6dB. The Sharp doesn't seem to have a noise figure on it.

All results are using the quality meter on the ID Digital CI-24 only, and all tests done at similar temperature and time on a 1.2m az/el steel offset dish.

The winner again was the BK525 with it's 1.0dB noise figure, at least for H pol. V pol on Pas2 it was a little down. The Invacom was the leader for Pas2.
12401V on Pas2 was unstable so an average was taken.

The Zinwell with it's claim of 0.3dB came last in almost every test. It performed so poorly I cut off the cap and gave the figures in green. For B3, Pas2 and I701 I left the cap off.

Speaking of caps, I also had the cap off the Jonsa and it seemed to perform really well without it. I tend to take them off for prime focus dish use as water droplets on the cap when the LNB is pointed down kill the signal. I don't normally recommend people remove the caps as the probes are very delicate and need protection. The caps of the other LNB's were left on. The one on the Invacom is paper thin and I doubt it would affect the signal to any degree.

The Sharp was pretty average in most results.

There is obviously no industry standard in noise figure claims. If people buy the Zinwell ZKF-CJ21 0.3dB and are expecting a very good LNB they will be disappointed. Jason from Adigitalife did warn me the noise figure of the Zinwell was misleading. I agree!


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Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
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Thanks for the info rdel!

I've worked with supposed .3 LNB's too and they were bunk. My old ExpressVu .6 worked better than some supposed .3 LNB's
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