Installed 8VSB in 6000 receiver and lost SD picture


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Oct 30, 2003
What did I do wrong? I installed the off-air analog/digital cartridge in my 6000 receiver yesterday. I then added my local off-air analog and off-air digital channels. They work fine. Although all of my HD and SD satellite channels work fine in HD mode, when I'm in SD mode I get sound but no picture.
I believe when you are in SD with the 6000 the signal is only output to either the S-video or RCA video output, NOT the component outputs. I had the same setup and the same thing would happen to me. I say 'had' because I sold my 6000 on ebay and have been waiting for the 921. And waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting. I'm going through HD withdraw!
It is correct that SD signal is only out the S-Video and Composite outputs not the Component or RGB outputs.
Then why do they advertise that you can get both your SD and HD over the HD Component cables??
Because the SD channels do go out over the Components. You have the ability to redirect the output either to SD Outputs (Compostite or Svideo) or HD Outputs (Component or RBG). This is done by toggling the SD/HD button.

If you press the SD/HD button and the yellow led is lit, then the 6000 is only ouputing Video siginal on the SD outputs. It can output either HD or SD Programming on this output.

If you press the SD/HD button again, then the blue led is lit. The 6000 is now outputing on only the HD outputs. Again, both HD & SD programming can go out the this output too.

To make a long story short. When you pressed the SD/HD button, the 6000 stopped sending signal out your component cables an started to send them out your SD cables. The audio is not effected by this switch.

The SD outputs are useful if you want to record to a VCR, use a 6000 with a non-HD television, or if you just think that you get a better SD picture over the SD outputs.
The SD channels can be viewed from the Component output but it is NOT a SD signal but a HD (1080i or 720p) upconverted signal. You could not use the Component outputs on a TV that can only accept 480i/480p. This is FYI for those who have TV's with component inputs but are not HD capable.
If I understand this correctly...

My HD and SD mode have worked correctly for the past 2 years. It was only after installing the tuner yesterday that I lost the SD video. If I understand the responses correctly, I might have just created a loose connection while fiddling with the 6000 yesterday. In other words, the HD works because my component connections are okay, but I may have loosened my svideo connection and therefore lost the SD output?

Just to bring closure to this thread... The s-video plug had become disconnected from the back of my 6000. After reconnecting, my SD mode works again. The mass of wires at the somewhat inaccessible backside of the system is daunting. My Sony XBR is connected to 6 systems: cable, OTA, satellite, 2 surround systems, and a JVC DH30000U. Although there may be better ways to do it, I use 5 remote control devices. This is probably a common story.
Time for a Pronto or MX-500/600/700/800.

I actually have world age euphamisms for the layers of cables behind all my equipment. I think the S-Videos are in the plieostene (sp, with apologies to the geologists).


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