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Jul 4, 2004
I have a one room system installled and I just bought a second receiver, the 301. I am new at this and was wondering how to go about installing the second receiver. I have a dish 500. Help would be appriciated.
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"Dish 500" is a good start, but not enough info. What model is your old receiver? What types of LNBF(s) are on your Dish 500? Are there any external boxes in the coax feed from the dish? You can go here to see some pictures of the various types of LNBFs. Take note as to what the DishPro logo looks like - we need to know if you've got that or not.

You may have to do a close examination of the LNBFs to determine Single vs. Dual or Twin vs. Quad.

Note that if you have a Twin or Quad, you're going to have an easy time hooking this up - just add another good (2150MHz or better) RG-6 feed cable, ground block, and go. Grounding is critical - don't blow it off.

If you don't have a Twin or Quad, it'll probably be harder, but not bad.
I have a dual lnb it is the one with two heads in the front of the dish. My receiver is the model 3000 which i purchased about 5 years ago.
Ouch. PLEASE look at the link I posted before and here again.

If you have a Single/Dual, you have a pair of Single/Duals. You say "two heads". Do you mean 2 eyes in 2 separate boxes? I'l bet on that one - because you have an SW-21 attached to them.

Now the CRITICAL question is whether the LNBFs are Singles or Duals.

If they are Singles, you will HAVE to replace them. If they are Duals, you'll need another SW-21 - no big deal at all.
Yes two eyes in two seperate boxes. I am not sure if they are singles or duals.
Here's a link to installation diagrams. The first one is what we're shooting for. The second one is what we'll do if you currently have Single LNBFs. You might want to glance at the 3rd one just to help you fill in the blanks. Just ignore the fourth one.

Note that if you have to replace your LNBFs, and there's a chance you're gonna end up with more than 2 receivers, get a Quad instead of a Twin.

If you go DishPro, you're going to have to get a DishPro Adapter for the 3000, so you're better off sticking with Legacy equipment.
Its the two dual, two sw21s. Now where do i connect those four cables that go two into each sw21?
I'm not sure if you're asking for clarification of the diagram or what. If you haven't yet, look at the first installation fiagram (link in my last post). It's a great picture, and shows where each cable goes.

I'm fussy and will put the 2 left (#1) LNBF ports into the left switch (and label it #1) and feed that to my #1 receiver. I also put the 119 LNBF into the #1 port of the SW21. Ah! Maybe that's the unclear part. :)

Don't forget to ground BOTH switches, and the dish itself. There is dual RG-6 available that also has a ground wire attached - makes life easy.

I don't know where you are but if it's convienent, find a local retailer and see if he's willing to make up some cables for you for the dish to switch feed. I'm thinking that your original cables might be getting old, so beings you're taking things apart to put the second set in, it's cheap insurance. Take accurate measurements, and don't forget to add some for drip loops, and don't be surprised if you still mount the switches a little above or below the planned location. :)

The reason I say to have this done is that the 'pro' will have a compression tool and silicone-filled connectors (if he doesn't, put him on your black list and try another). These connectors are the best, and you don't want later trouble up on the dish. He probably also has the dual RG-6 with 'messenger' ground wire.

This part can get a little confusing.

Normally, you cut the cable so that the ground wire is 'offset'. That is, a pigtail at the switch end so you can connect it to the lug, and it'll be short at the dish end because of the last cut - but that's OK - the ground doesn't go up the LNB arm, so you'll have plenty of wire there.

Expect to pay $2 per cable plus say 0.25/foot. It's worth it.

If you need detailed help on grounding, let me know - it's important. :)
So I call dish network and ask them what kind of lnb I should get. The guy tells me go ahead and buy a twin that will work with no switches. So I get the twin put it up and the switches are not checking out. I call dish network and this other guy tells me "no there is no possible way to do what you are doing with a twin, you need either two duals or a quad with two sw21s." So I don't know what two beleive since the twin did not work.
I'm not sure how you hooked up the Twin, and whether it's Legacy or DishPro.

We're now getting into important and messy details.

If you flip-flop between Legacy and DishPro gear improperly, you CAN fry the equipment.

For your setup, a Twin (either type) requires a straight run to the receiver - no external switches. Then Check Switch the receiver and it should work A-OK (assuming the dish aim is still good - might have to be tweaked).

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