Installing Superdish with 721 and 2 301's (1 Viewer)


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Sep 16, 2003
I have one 721 and two 301's.

Will I need to run any additional wires from the dish to the receivers? What about this switch, which I am unfamiliar with? Will it need additional wiring.

Also I have seen that the dish is 36 inches wide. What is the height? From the picture, this does not look to be much larger than the 500.

Can it be mounted on the edge of your roof, on the vertical face board right under the shingles? That is where my present 50 is.

What is the weight of the unit as it will be mounted? How much heavier is this than the 500 dish.

Thanks. You can tell that I am not that familiar with the technicalities. I had a man install mine.


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Sep 8, 2003
You will need three cables from the SuperDish to the DP34 switch. It's best to locate the switch inside if possible. From the switch, you will need four cables - two to your 721, and one to each 301.

The SuperDish is about 24" in height (dish only).

It can be mounted on a facia board, but only if the mounting is strong. I'd opt for 4" lag screws, to go through the facia and into the actual framing. Pre-drill these so you don't split anything.

Shipping weight on the box is about 40lbs., but that includes packaging, and the DP34 switch. Figure it to be at least twice the weight of a Dish500. (Assuming you get the metal SuperDish, and not the plastic [Type 2])

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