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Feb 26, 2006
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Hi all. I hope I'm not asking a question that was already answered, but a quick search didn't turn up anything.

My only experience with SXM is with my '14 Sierra...and the Android app that comes with the subscription. For 3+ years it worked flawlessly. Recently I started experiencing a situation where the radio would show "No signal...may be blocked" and of course there would be no audio, all channels I checked. This would happen mostly at startup and would usually clear after a few minutes. Sometimes it would occur after the radio had been working. Since it was intermittent and unpredictable I assumed it was equipment related, likely the antenna or cable? Eventually SXM stopped working altogether. Everything else was normal.

I searched online and learned that this was common. I executed the "Refresh" protocol. That did nothing on the first attempt, so per instructions I repeated the process. After 10 mins. there was still no change so I initiated a chat session with SXM support. While in that session the radio suddenly came alive. It dropped out once more but quickly restored itself. I ended the chat, but not before the rep. mentioned that if I had the problem again I could call tech. service at a number he provided and request a "hard reset". All of that was about 3 weeks ago.

Right after the refresh I drove home with the radio working, and I checked it several times over the weekend and it started up immediately.

The truck sat unused for a week. When I used it next it started up again with "No signal..." I switched to other programming. About 20 mins. into my journey I checked SXM again and it was working (?). Since then the pattern seems to be that when I start out "cold" I have no service, but within a few minutes it comes on and remains on until the trip ends. Next time I start a trip it might come on immediately...or more likely it will take several minutes. Generally this truck sits most of the time unused but I have been using it daily for a week now while my car is in the shop.

This pattern doesn't match my usual "intermittent" definition so I'm still hesitant to blame the equipment outright. Seems like the radio has developed some kind of "handshake" issue with the service?

Anyone here experience anything similar? Has anyone had the "hard reset" performed? I'd do that as a next step but I'm afraid that will wipe out all the channel information I programmed manually...and would really hate to repeat!



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Apr 3, 2005
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Is the car sitting long enough in an area without signal (garage, trees, etc) between uses? If it needs to be refreshed it sounds like it is losing authorization.

Short of that, sounds like some sort of hardware issue.

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