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Aug 15, 2016
The current system that I have is 1 722 with an ota and 3 211's which I own. This setup has been rock solid for 10 years. If I upgrade to a whole home dvr system 2 more TV's will be added. First question, is the HWS or the Hopper3 better than a 722? Second question, which is a better up grade HWS or Hopper3. I would like to have 2 hoppers and 4 joeys on the new system. There are 6 rg6 3ghz cable the go to the out side of the house.Three are hooked up to the current dish. If I switch the lnb on the current dish to the new hybrid Lnb ,then buy the following a, second dish,2 hybrid lnb,2 solo hubs, and a hopper 3,will Dish let me have 2 hoppers 3 and 4 joey's with this configuration? or do I buy a duo node, splitter's ,HWS and have 2 HWS and 4 joeys.

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Jun 20, 2016
Damn. I would figure if you bought it you could. That's a lot of tuning. Lol. Maybe use anther wire from dish. Two ports a available on hybrid twin. I think it is worth it but there has been some problems with hopper3 "internal"

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Apr 14, 2004
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Couple things worthy of mention if OTA is important to you. First, regardless of which Hopper model you get, you have to purchase the external USB OTA Adapter from Dish. OTA tuners are no longer built into the receiver like it was on your 722. More importantly, be advised that there are currently issues specific to the Hopper 3 when recording OTA programming. Viewing OTA live generally works fine, but when you record OTA programming, most recordings are full of video pixeling and audio drops. Dish is aware of the problem, but it still hasn't been fixed after seven months, so who knows when that might finally be resolved.

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