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Dec 28, 2010
Northwest Georgia
Currently have DTVN. Expires tonight. Have had new wiring, new wireless gateway, 2 new Roku devices. 1 ethernet connected. All have same issues of blue square and "connection lost, working on fixing that." Multiple chats, resets of all hardware. Not being picky, but actually had an agent say tonight 7-10pm obvious network congestion. He did seem to detect "health issues" from this region (GA, my ISP is tied to Atlanta..Comcast) He sent notice to technical team...(heard that before.) Know every provider will have issues, but I'm in several forums and many seem to indicate similar problems with this. Is Sling more stable? Had them before, no problems until they sent me a Roku 2 on promo, at end of show it would freeze, app would crash. Roku died couple weeks later. Thinking of giving Sling another try. Getting about 60Mbps hardwired, Stick runs about 30Mbps on 2.4Ghz. Thanks, Andy
Edit--Just noticed DTVN seems to have a lot of this type of issue, and not just me. Thanks for the input. Always come here for all the good support and knowledge


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Mar 20, 2010
Boise, Idaho
Used to be a DISH customer. Tried to get an upgrade in equipment but after 5+ years as a customer, they didn't want to upgrade my equipment to HD service. I was paying $91 a month for SD service. Since then, I've had Sling for about a year here in Downtown Boise. I have a garbage internet connection. (THANKS CENTURYLINK!) ADSL2+ at 12 mbps. We can stream 2 TV's on Roku's cleanly at capped bandwidth. The problems consist of local insert time every cable network gives back to providers for commercials insertion. Every time Comedy Central or TBS hits a break where they roll out the same promos/filler content to cover the breaks, the timecode gets broken and the stream has to reload itself or I have to manually do so. Occasionally it works just fine. Somedays, I'm constantly reloading the app and rebooting the Internet/Roku to get a signal up and running. Most of these issues are internet related. We just need more bandwidth but CenturyLink has no future plans for expansion in my neighborhood that happens to be the oldest telephone line service in the city. All around me in Boise, there's people with better internet connections. Fairly sure this is a socio-economic deal as I live in what they like to call a transitional part of town. Family homes mixed in with halfway houses and apartment buildings.
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