is there a place to advertise my dish gift cards??


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Jan 16, 2004
is there a place to advertise my dish gift cards??

i placed several on e-bay....

did not know if any one needed any!
Your local grocery store probably has a 'for sale' public pinup board. Stick a few up on them.

On a nicely designed 8 x 10 with a little double sided sticky tape. you can put 2 or 4 on a sheet and still have room for 1/2 a page of wording.
Dish Club cards

After signing up for Dish myself, I got the cards for the referrals ("Gift" cards is a gross misuse), that supposedly give holders access to the best packages. Well, from looking at them, I don't see how they are any different from the "free dish" programs that are currently available for anyone. Anyone care to shed some light on it for me?

For the person receiving the card: There is no difference.

For ther person giving the card: You get $5.00 off of your bill for each month for 12 months if the person you give the card to signs up.

So if you get enough people to sign up, you can get your satellite service for free.

That is the 'ONLY' motivation to use the cards.
I have given them to people who swear they gave Dish the card number when they called, but I have never seen a penny taken off my bill yet. I think the CSRs are claiming the $5 for there Mother-in-Law.

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FS: E* 3900 recevier w/ card, remote

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