AMIKO Is there still a demand for Amiko A3 Receivers? (1 Viewer)

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Christopher Cromwell

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Jun 9, 2014
Lexington, KY.
I'm getting ready to sell my slightly used Amiko A3 Red Jenny Special Receiver on Ebay; unless there is a marketplace here that works with PayPal?? The A3 Red Jenny is in its original box with all the cables and cords; even still has the brand new remote still in the box that needs charged. The reciever still works great, has all the apps and latest software, I even put in a 640GB HDD which works great too. I wasn't looking to sell this cheap obviously, I would like to get a decent amount of money for it; like $100-150+ range. But wondered if there's a demand out there, and what it might be worth to someone so I wouldn't waste my time with trying to sell it. My Ebay name is chrisrcromwell, I will see if I can include some pics. I also have a spare used A3 Remote and Power/Charger Cords I can sell too, if those are in demand for someone. I would appreciate it if the word could be spread around from this thread. Thanks!



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Aug 9, 2004
That model has been discontinued for over a year and there is no longer any updates provided for it. As the A4K has taken it's place.
Many have also had issues with this receiver and you could buy them new for around $120 at the end.
I have two myself and didn't have as many issues as others I still seem to have to restore mine every six months or so.
I am only using one now as other things have superseded it. If you forget about the the satellite part and use it as a Kodi box they work great.
However, even that is getting outdated now as this box has Android 4.3 and cannot be updated, so you can not put the newer versions of Kodi on it. :(

Also per SatelliteGuys rules, only Pub Members may list something for sale for a profit. If it is free post all you want but if it is for a profit you will need to become a Pub Member.
So with that I am closing this thread.
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