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Sep 4, 2004
I have a Hitachi 52swx20b which has never been professionally calibrated. Has anyone had this done, if so was it worth it. Is there anyone in the Waco TX area that does this?
Run, do not walk to your email and contact Gregg Loewen at Lion Audio/Video Consultants.

He has been to my house twice and does an outstanding job.

He has regular tours throughout the country and likely will travel your way in the future.
Thank you, I went to his website, there is a Steve Martin listed that services the DFW area. Hopefully I can get him to come to Waco.
I met all the guys from LionAV last week, I have had Gregg Loewen to my house a few times and he does AMAZING work.

Money WELL spent!
I had my Hitachi 57S500 done last year by Gregg and it is a night & day difference.

Colors are so much more realistic and he does a great job with focus. convergence, and even put duvetyne(black cloth) inside to cut down on the reflective glare of the painted black chip-board the cabinet is constructed with. I also had him take off the protective screen(no kids here) and it cut room reflections by 90%.

If you really into watching your TV, then have it done. You will be pleased.
How much does it cot to do an ISF calibration. I plan to get the 50" Panny from Costco and wondering if ISF calibration is worth it

ISF pricing is 275 for the first input and 125 for each additional input.

Lion AV pricing is $400 for calibration of up to 3 inputs. In addition, there may be a travel fee of $ 50, depending on where you are located.

Feel free to email or to give us a call to further discuss your needs.

Gregg Loewen
201 232 3380
Gregg was in my area last March of Toshiba HD CRT RPTV still amazes was great meeting with him as well. A friend of mine also had Gregg do his ISF sometime in 2004 & then had it re-checked this past year by a guy in DFW @ LionA&V (& I think his name was Steve). He was very pleased with the re-check as well.