No sound from my SONY str-k7100 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 20, 2019
Any idea what is going on with my receiver? I got this used as part of a lot and was told it powers up but won't make any sound and that is exactly what it is doing. However I can hear a very very faint electronic hum from all three speakers. It handles the video switching fine but wont put out any audio signal from HDMI, optical,s or analog inputs when selected. I was first getting an unlock prompt but performed a reset and it appears to have disappeared. However I still am not getting any sound. I tried running the autocalibrator using the puck mic that came with it, and it just cycled through the speakers on the screen and tells me to push enter. Thereafter it makes a click and says "ACAL NO!"
What is that and I didn't hear anything from the speakers when it was doing it's thing. Is it ultrasonic or something?
From an audio engineer's point of view I highly dout that. I don't think it is something hardware related though as I can hear the faint constant hum.
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