Is my 65" LG tv going bad?


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Sep 8, 2003
MY 65" LG HDTV may be going bad. When I turn it on to Dish Network I get a light screen with lines running horizontal and vertical with no picture. I switch my AV receiver to my TiVo and the picture comes in but it is washed out, but clears up after a few seconds. I switch to Roku and the picture is washed out, but comes in clearly in a couple of seconds. Then, if I go back to Dish the picture is clear. Sometimes when the program changes sceens, the picture come in washed out and then clears up seconds later. Is my tv going bad? Sometimes it does it and sometimes it is perfectly clear when I turn the tv on. I have all the latest HDMI cables. It happens on all inputs, so it has to be the tv or the av receiver. The TV is about 4 years old.
You said "or the AV Receiver". Have you tried tuning in a local TV channel? Also, maybe try a different HDMI Input on the LG TV to see if it's the TV's HDMI Input. Finally, try plugging the Roku direct into the LG TV instead of the AV Receiver.
The wash out is not always there when I turn the tv on, but during any program happens occasionally. It might take some time to switch inputs and see if there is any difference. Plus I use a Harmony remote and I will have to drag out the tv remote and put batteries in it. This might take some time, but I will be working on it. I mainly wanted to know, if this specific problem has occurred on anybody elses LG tv. What are the signs the tv is going out?
My tv is not connected to the antenna, it goes thru the TiVo. I will hook up the Roku to the tv and check all HDMI inputs. Thanks, so far
The problem may well be your AVR or a cable. It is imperative that you connect one or more of your sources directly to the TV to see if the problem isn't something other than the TV. I haven't had picture loss but I have had problems with noise and a washed out image that were fixed with a new HDMI cable.

If a device has failed, my bet is on the AVR.
Thge LG is a Smart tv, so I turned on the tv and opened Prime on the TV app. within 5 minutes the picture washed out in a scene change during a commercial that LG adds. So, I guess that means my tv is doing it, since I had internet feeding directly into the tv with no other cables or devices. I guess that I will just watch it until it gets so bad that I have to replace the tv.
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How old is your 65” LG set? I guess the good news is the OLED prices for the 2021 models are lower than they have been if you wanted to upgrade. Even the Mini LED LG 65” QNED set is now $700 off.

Of course, the only problem with upgrading to a 4K set is then everything in your system that isn’t 4K HDR will start to annoy you until it is… ;)
The TV is only about 4 years old. It is a LED 4k set. I see the 65" LG OLED C series for $1696. or the A series for $1296. But, I expected to get many more years out of this set. What about burn-in on the OLEDs? I paid $696 for this set, but 1700 dollars is a lot of money for a 4 year life. But it ain't dead yet!
Thge LG is a Smart tv, so I turned on the tv and opened Prime on the TV app. within 5 minutes the picture washed out in a scene change during a commercial that LG adds.
See how easy that was?

Just for giggles, I'd try a "factory reset" on the TV (since it appears it is on its way out anyway): Gear->General->Reset to Initial Settings.

I had the seller throw in an extended warranty with my latest TV.
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I would quit stabbing in the dark and hoping for it to magically fix itself.
You have ruled out the AV receiver as the cause.
LG TV's are plagued with the issues you are having. YouTube "LG 65 inch lines".
There is the Scotch tape fix. For all of the real estate the screen occupies, there are just a few boards inside.
Your local TV repair guy is sparse these days. I won't even consider accepting a TV repair on my bench.
These days the good old Weller soldering gun is not going to work for any repair attempts.
At least there isn't 15,000 volts ready to jump out and give you a pee-waddly. But enough inside to be dangerous.
Sony is my first choice. Samsung would be second. But Square Trade always. I don't care. Why gamble?
Your TV has an internal problem. It's electronics or ribbon cable related. Or the tricky Chip on Flex issues where integrated circuits are actually integrated into flexible cables that, for example, connect the video board to the display.
But. Good Luck!
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My parents killed two LG TVs at the 3 year mark, one just quit powering on and the other one the LEDs started going bad and made the very dim and picture bluish.

I used to like Vizio, but their Smartcast software is plagued with bugs.

Samsung and Sony are overpriced.

Hisense and TCL seem to be the best value.
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Zenith, Magnavox, Crosley…..

Sorry. Had to. Who took what pill?
Sony and Samsung over priced?
Once overheard at Harbor Freight passing by the power tool dept from a wise shopper.
One more thing I thought about, maybe there was a Firmware Update that came in that started the washed-out picture problem. In that case it might be corrected by another Firmware update. It’s a long shot, but maybe check for a new update.

I don’t think you posted your LG model, Jerry. That might make it easier to search for similar complaints through Google.
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65"Class 4k HDR Smart LED AI UHD TV w/ThinQ-65UK6500AUA from Sam's Club.

After reading the 1 star reviews at the LG site. I am happy that mine is still working. I went thru all the negative reviews and did not find one that was having the same problem as me. Should I buy a $500 LED Sony tv or invest in an OLED for $1600 that might not last, but two years. The LED do have a great picture and a lot less money. But, none of the above until my picture get much worse.
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I just went thru some ratings on a $1600 Sony OLED TV and the negative reviews are just as bad as my LG. I guess that all electronics have lots of bad apples. Any one know of a current model and brand that has a low percentage of 1 star reviews

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