just got this new SONY receiver well just got used, ((XM)) ready what does this mean?


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Sep 20, 2019
model is str-k7100
I got this preowned receiver as part of a trade and been tinkering with it.
I see a XM logo on the controle panel. What does this mean? Does it actually contain a xm tuner in there? Does this mean I can call xm and get it activated? Do I pay by phone and they give me some code to unlock it? I see a XM labeled socket in the back, what goes there? An antenna? I sure hope I can get it activated as it looks like a cool service to try out.
I have some experience with other satellite tinkering but have never tried satellite radios or used one exept for this one time I found one in a free lot and it had a bunch of demos. It was this little thing with a dock but you could only use it plugged into the car.
Sorry for adding more to this but. How exactly do they work without needing to use dishes?
also I haven't been able to get any audio out of it yet. I can hear a very faint electronic hum from all the speakers though. Nothing looks burnt or stressed inside when I popped the cover. It is very well made and all the caps look fine and nothing looks loose. I was able to get it to handle the HDMI but not getting any audio even after playing around with my settings, using the optical, HDMI, performing a hard reset, and using the analog inputs.

It came with the remote and puck calabration mic, as well as an FM loop antenna.
After clicking the autocal it won't make any noises not sure if it was suppose to, and it just cycles through the 3 speakers I have plugged in and tells me to push enter then it throws a error I think.
something like "ACAL NO!" Is it dead or do you think it might just be a setting?
The service manual shows a dedicated XM tuner section. On the rear is an XM antenna connection. A proper XM active antenna in a window is the minimum for that. So switching to the XM source should show channel 0 (?) which is the radio id channel. Bad thing is, if you get a sub on it you're stuck with a radio you can't take with you. Better to just grab a portable SXM radio and mobile kit and feed audio into the aux port. SXM audio aint that great to begin with.
AV receivers can be a bear to repair. I know. Replacement semiconductors sometimes require you to purchase a donor unit.
The service manual is pretty good. Voltage points are there. You just have to determine what works, what doesn't, and how much time you're willing to spend on it.
Typical with AV receivers is it could be semi easy, or pick a good day to fish in the lake. Find a good hole. And use it to keep your boat there.
Start with signal tracing. Look at the block diagram and get an idea of the signal routing.
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Because this receiver is 12 years old, it won't be able to play any of the SiriusXM channels (mostly local news/weather, sports play-by-play). You can identify these channels on the SiriusXM website by indicating that you have an older XM radio (it takes four or five steps to get there).

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