Hey folks, DISH Networks Team Summit will be happening this Thursday and Friday.

While I won't be there this year a few people will be sending me reports which I pass along to everyone. :)

Thanks for being here!
I Predict The Return of the Dishplayer. A TV with integrated Dish tuner. An Internet delivered guide that is 100 % accurate. Free pizza delivery with pay per view events. Hopper 3 Plus support for the 40.0 remote.
a formal announcement for a new feature of the Hopper DVR that allows you to watch a stream of the channel you're watching if you loose your satellite signal (especially during a heavy rain event that kills satellite reception).

i noticed Dish added this feature for the Hopper last night when i was watching WWE Raw and a non-severe thunderstorm hit and killed the satellite signal and the signal loss message popped up saying that i could watch the channel via a stream that actually goes to a stream of the network (which in this case was USA Network).

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