It's the Elizabeth Smart Show

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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.

Is it me, or does the idea of a family profiting off the kidnapping and rape of their daughter seem a bit morbid. Katie Couric, Oprah, a book deal, a movie deal?

The worst part is that the Smart's do not seem to be doing too badly to begin with. How many people do you know that can afford to give their daughter her own harp?

Is something rotten in Utah? And wouldn't Elizabeth be better off if her parents hid her from the media and allowed to try to regain a bit of normalcy in her life?


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Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
Cape Coral, Florida
I thought the same thing John. I know if any of my kids went through this ordeal, I certainly wouldn't be trying to profit from it.

Now if they are donating profits to groups like the , then I could see it a little more.
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