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When I buy jerky, it always says to refrigerate after opening. So I gather it’s not real jerky, since jerky originally was a method of preserving meat without refrigeration.

Why is that? What is different about store bought vs original jerky?

What about the stuff you make at home? Does it require refrigeration?

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just my opinion
most store bought is dehydrated with maybe some smoke flavor added

real jerky is done above/off to the side of a fire/embers with smoke
its cooked/dehydrated smoked.
its usually salted.

the salt is the preservative
if there is enough salt and the correct smoking method, refrigeration may not be required.
i did used to keep mine in the freezer until i was ready for a bad.
just in case
Even good jerky often comes with some manner of oxygen absorber to extend the shelf life.

The jerky that I make or buy never lasts so long as to worry about it.

I expect that mdram is right about the jerky not being conventionally prepared if it requires refrigeration.
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So we can have jerky we want to eat....

Or well preserved hard tack.


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I have 3 different types marinating, one with a dry rub with onion powder, garlic powder, brown sugar, black pepper, red pepper and sea salt, the other 2 have varying amounts of the above plus Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke and apple cider vinegar. One of the 2 wet mixes is thinner and will put in dehydrator, the other 2 will be smoked Sunday.
Marinating 3 separate 1 lb recipes right now for a Sunday smoke,
1. Mesquite packaged marinade
2. My go to Brown sugar w/ garlic, onion powder & sea salt
3. Diced a Jalepeno & a Cerrano pepper with 3 cloves of garlic and some diced onion and a little brown sugar, soy sauce, Apple cider.
Brown sugar w/ garlic, onion powder, black pepper & sea salt for 2 packages, added krafts hickory smoked BBQ sauce to third marinade, finishing 2 in dehydrator after 40 minutes in Orion with Mesquite chips, started the last in dehydrator and swapped into smoker on the half hour.
Will pull at noon and finish in dehydrator if needed.`
I'm making a batch a week, either out of Elk or Beef with:
Worcestershire sauce
Soy Sauce
Liquid Smoke (hickory or mesquite)
dash of Teriyaki (or more)
Salt, Pepper, Onion & Garlic powders mixed evenly.
Dehydrating in a Ninja Foodi XL.
(Last batch I used a regional BBQ places sauce to marinate, I liked)
Usually try to leave marinating for at least 2 days, might tenderize if thicker meat in-between and making sure all meat is soaked.
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