Jimmy Carter on The Lord of the Rings

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Sep 6, 2003
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"When I saw the audience in the movie theater cheer when Orcs were killed, I shuddered," Mr. Carter said, visibly pained. "The message of 'Lord of the Rings' is just plain bad.

"We must do something to counteract this celebration of violence," Mr. Carter said emphatically. "To see even trees fight and kill is enough to make any right-thinking person sick to his or her stomach. :D

"You Europeans, and we in America who identify with your beautiful values of moral neutrality and pacifism, must create a major public relations campaign against these films... :rolleyes:
It appears that Mr. Carter may be lacking an appreciation for fantasy and myth.

You scared me for a minute -- I even followed the link to see if that was a real quote. It appeared to be real all the way to the bottom . . .

- martincva
I try not to speak ill of people, but, remember, this is the President who became the first Chief Executive (that I can think of) who allowed our own people to be kidnapped on what is considered our own soil and did almost nothing to defend them. (Embassies are considered to be the soil of the nation of the embassy in question)

It's clear to me that President Carter believed in avoiding violence at all costs, even in self-defense. The 'rescue mission' that he approved was woefully under-prepared and under-armed - and we know what the results of THAT became.

Hence, that's the reason that, until that last line, one could EASILY be tricked into thinking it was real.
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