Just got one of the Best Buy $499 XA2's


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Sep 8, 2003
Eastern Connecticut
I had to drive to a store an hour away, but I managed to get an XA2, new in the box for the $499 price. I was actually quite pleased to get it! :D

I had an XA1, but the HDMI output died, and I figured for that price, I should go for it. What I didn't know was that there are far and few out there. One nearby store had a demo they would sell me for $449, but there was no box, thus no UPS, thus no "5 free HD-DVDs", so that was out.

Anyway, I got the thing home, updated the firmware, and it is SO much faster than the XA1 (but you probably all know that). I still have to futz with the finer settings, but right out of the box it seems to be a winner.

If you are thinking about this machine (there is no XA3 announced for the near future, although the lower priced 3rd gen machines are out except for the 35), I would check your local Best Buys and see if they have one.

Good luck!



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Jul 21, 2004
Congrats on the XA2 man, I've been thinking about upgrading my XA1 as well with one. BB certainly has a good deal going on them right now.

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