Just had my Friday 811 install rescheduled!!


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Sep 8, 2003
Traverse City, MI
To paraphrase the late Jonathan Harris "Oh the pain, the pain...". Due to the unavailability here in Northern Michigan, I have to wait till Wednesday. I guess it could be worse.
They tried to rescedule yesterday, but the manager called me back and assured me they'd have an 811 for Friday. Today he called and said they never shipped it. Got the 61.5 switch and LNB thingie added on to the work order at no charge though!
He says they'll have it on Monday, for a Wednesday install. Guy seems pretty cool, even told me what to tell Dish to get the 61.5 doohickeys for free. He's going to hook up my ancient Sony B1 D* Dish with it so I can get CBS and HBO. So I guess I can't complain.
Don't want to be pessimistic here, but my 811 order today resulted in an install scheduled for tomorrow morning, less than 24 hours from order to install. I fully expect to be rescheduled, but I'm ready just in case.

Boy oh boy am I ready! :)
mine was rescheduled too. originally it was set for friday between 12-5 and this evening they called and said they do not 811's in stock, and rescheduled for tuesday between 8 and 12.
same here - Fri install is now Tuesday. Thank god the Pats aren't on, or my wife might have had a cow! :)
This is Crazy . Will dish pay me for the days of work that I take off and they cancel at the last minute?
Scott Greczkowski said:
Nick you will love it. :) You just got a new TV
not too long ago correct? Will this be the first HD you watched on it?

That's right, the very first HD on my new Panny. Oh boy, oh boy! Ran 2 new
RG6 today. One to feed my 7200, and one for the 811. Did I say NEW Panny?


Oh boy, oh boy! Starting to get immature here...I'm a 10 year old all over
again with a large wooden 9" black & white OTA only TV with chronic vertical
sync problems wa-a-ay back in 1948. Now a 53" 16:9 HDTV in only 55 years.

Hmmm. That's less than an inch per year progress. Bummers! :rolleyes:

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