Just how bad is tv programming these days?


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Sep 29, 2010
Out of nearly 300 channels and 7 days of programming there are only 5 shows that I'm currently watching/recording.I was just scrolling through the guide the other night and was majorly disappointed that I couldn't find and other shows to add to my current list.All I see is reality crap,followed by reality crap rip offs.Pawn stars,Cajun Pawn Stars,Moonshiners,Mountain Men,Hillbilly Blood,are just a few of the examples that come to mind.Oh I almost forgot all the lets find a ghost shows.On a scale of 1 to 5,how would you rate the televison programming landscape?There's no wonder I spend more and more time online.

I give it a 2
I would give it a one it is absolutely pathetic and too many bad channels and too many commercials I am in the process of disconnecting DirecTV I absolutely hate it

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That is my biggest complaint with regular TV. The content has gone to crap & full of commercials.

Let's be honest...the good stuff is really, really good! Unfortunately, the bad stuff is really, really, reality (pun intended) bad and the other 75% is garbage, reruns, and infomercials. I've said it a hundred times before:

- Broadcasters and Cablecasters who accept ad dollars (commercials) should be prevented from charging license fees (i.e., programming should be made available to all MVPDs)
- Commercial-free programmers can sell their channels al a carte but it's the consumer (law of supply and demand and quality) who sets the price (same price for Dish, Comcast, FiOS customers)
- Programming packages/bundles can still be purchased by the customer
- All the subsidized nonsense channels will disappear and we'll free-up value bandwidth
I watch 90% of my stuff on classic METV on C-band FTA. I'd give their programming a 9!

The old stuff, is the best stuff! My 50th time watching the same episode of "Twilight Zone" is better than a brand new episode of "Pawn Stars".
I'm watching and enjoying about the same number of programs I did 10-15 years ago, except now I pay more than twice as much as I once did to get all the channels that carry the programs I want to watch. It's crazy that I have to subscribe to a bunch of extra channel packages in order to get the various Discovery, Nat Geo, History, etc. sub-channels that carry some of those programs, or to get ESPNU, NBCSN and CBSSN so I can watch my local college team's games.

When my 2-year contract with Cox Cable is up next month, I may seriously consider cutting the cable, depending on what they offer me. If it wasn't for sports, I would have done it long ago.
I give it a 1. I am SO, SO glad that I got rid of cable and set up FTA, OTA, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to replace it. Wish only that I'd done it a lot sooner!
Having a variety of channels including FTA, I´ve found myself these last few days watching almost no live tv but watching old (now classic) shows from my archives, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Streets of San Francisco, Father Dowling Mysteries and classic movies.

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