Just installed Dish HD:2 problems


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Jun 4, 2004
1. I actually had an OTA antenna on my roof, though not used for almost 2 years, and the installer actually took it down and I do not have any OverTheAir channels. I get 002-00, 011-00, 013-00 and 026-00 but no -01/05. I live in the Houston Metro area and I know for a fact there they exist but they are not appearing in the guide. I would not expect them to either.. Dish doesn't provide the local digital stations via satellite... right?

Was the installer wrong to take it down and not hook it up to my vip622?

2. Fox ch 26 & 6392 both have a pbm with the audio not being in sync with the video. That's the only channel that I can find that has the problem.
What can I do to fix this out of sync problem?

Question: He setup the VIP622 in DUAL mode and I was unable to record two programs at once. I had to press the MODE button on the VIP622 receiver to change it to single mode in order to record two programs at once.

The VIP622 receiver is connected to my HDtv and ONLY my HDtv. It is *NOT* being used with another tv. That being said and knowing there is no other tv in play here, what if anything is dual mode good for?
That's what I thought. Now that you confirmed it, can I call dish and "demand" they send a tech out and install the over the air antenna and hook it up since the first installer purposely didn't do it? For what it's worth, today is Christmas Eve and I was his last stop before heading to the airport to go home to family. I don't blame him for want to do as little as possible considering the day and time.

Or will I have to hire someone to install and wire the ota to my 622?
Okay.. I'll call them Tuesday morning to get my local digital channels.

What I'm more concerned about is the fact the my local Fox station is out of sync between audio and video. I've unplugged the unit twice now.. still same problem. How do I get this fixed? It's driving me nuts.

I don't care so much now but when American Idol and 24 come on in January and it's not fixed by then, I think I'll go postal hehehehe

Until then... how do I fix it?
The problem with the audio being out of sync with the video happened from the time I had dish installed on Christmas eve until this morning. I called Dish on Christmas day and they scheduled a service tech for today. This morning I turn on the tv and checked it and it's no longer a problem. So now I can't help but wonder if all houstonian's with Dish HD had this problem.

I'm just thankful the problem is gone.

In regards to the OTA antenna, I'm going to pay someone to put it back on the roof and also wire a telephone jack on the wall where the tv is.

In the end, I am one seriously happy Dish HD customer!

New guy--first post!

311 set gets error 015 for days now.

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