Just me or anyone else noticed........


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May 24, 2004
I would consider it is the good thing so far with my 811s. I suddenly noticed the SD output is much improved :shocked The reason that I noticed is becasue I have Tivo on both 811s, the show that I was recorded two weeks ago is much darker and washed out, but yet the ones that I have recorded couple of days ago (before 268 software) is much improved. But there is no software has been downloaded because I just updated this morning with 268....... Well, as long as getting better, I will take it. Now, I just wish the OTA signal can be better like my old 6000........ I guess, I just need to pray harder :D
I don't think it has anything to do with the 811. I have a 522 and just made a comment to my wife that the PQ seems to be better the past couple of days - not sure what accounts for it.
I noticed it with my 508 also. I forget what it was we were watching the other night but my wife and I both noticed the PQ was great. I mean like really good - at least dvd quality and as good as some "HD" I've seen.

That said, I've also noticed a decline in PQ on some channels lately on the 508.

Now as for the 811 (which I hardly use any more), I can't figure it out. The SD PQ has gotten bad again. I can't remember which upgrade it was, 264 or 265 but after one of them (and I reported it on one of these lists) the SD channels got much better. I had previously reported that I would NOT watch SD with the 811 because it was so much better with the 508 but then with that upgrade the were about equal in PQ. Since then the 811 has digressed to almost as bad as it was before.

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