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Oct 2, 2003
Anyone know if JVC is still planning on coming out with this scaled back HD-PVR?


The JVC announcement makes you wonder about the validity of the information claiming that it cost Echostar $1400.00 to produce the 921. I doubt seriously that JVC, which will offer their 921 at $999.95, is willing to sell each receiver at that kind of loss especially since they can't make it up in subscription fees.
The receivers are being substadized by Echostar. DIsh realizes that a HD customer is a good customer and those out of pocket costs from Echostar are quickly recovered. :)

JVC is not losing a thing at all, remember Echostar is making the box and just putting a JVC logo on them instead of an Echostar logo.
Interesting that you say Echostar is making the 921 and just placing a JVC logo on the JVC models. I spoke with a product manager at the southeast office of JVC in Atlanta and was told that the 921 is a joint venture between JVC and Echostar with the production work being handled by JVC.

What ever the case I am ready for a 921 regardless who produced it.
Its possible that worked together on it, but I know in the past on the 301 / 501 etc it was the same unit just diffrent manufacturers name printed on it.
Since JVC is a hardward Manufacture I would be suprised that they would be OEMing the 921. The most logical arrangement would be that JVC is manufacturing the unit Echostar is providing the software and they both have rights to sell the unit. Maybe Echostar gives them x amount of dollars for each unit they sell.

Just a guess, but it does not make a lot of sense that JVC would be OEMing the unit.
No JVC is NOT making the 921.

In retail stores Dish wants a brand name on their units because most consumers do not know who Echostar is.

This is why if you go to sears or Wal Mart you will see 301's with the RCA logo on them (even though they are made by Echostar)

Just a nice licensing agreement. :)

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