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Apr 9, 2006
As of a few weeks ago, KLCS channel 58, Los Angeles vacated is channel allocations and is now sharing with KCET channel 28, Los Angeles as part of the early re-pack. For a great many people, KLCS will probably be easier to receive OTA, and KLCS 58 is now in High Definition (720p) for the first time (KLCS was broadcasting in widescreen, but still SD for the last several months at its old frequency assignment).

However, Dish is still providing KLCS LiL in Standard Definition. There is some programming on KLCS that is worth seeing in High Def. Yes, I can still get KLCS, stronger than before, through Dish OTA module with guide data, but it would be nice to get KLCS 58 in HD for LiL as an option for when both my OTA's are busy recording, as I have a H3 with 16 tuners, so far more options with sat and LiL. I hope Dish moves to provide KLCS 58 in HD via sat for LiL.


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Sep 14, 2003
Moscow Russia
Call KLCS and ask why they are sending dish a SD signal..PBS is must carry by default

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