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Apr 15, 2006
South Carolina
Didn't know if I should post this here or on the WUT page, but is there anything left on KU Analog, only thing I have gotten was a College Football game last weekend.
On KU analog I've seen everything from Women's college volleyball to Arena Football and even rodeos if I'm not mistaken. The only non sport stuff I've seen are some lottery pick drawings.
I got the Uniden hooked up, found 2 news feeds on one of the AMC birds but nothing else so far tonight, thanks for the input...now just waiting to get the c-band hooked up!
Iceberg said:
yep. Lotteries are the big "non sports" thing

Texas is on G10 TP23

Texas moved to AMC 2 a few weeks ago. I think Tr 14. It's on horizontal somewhere. :)

Thanks for the quick info!
Can't wait to hook all of the dishes up again!
Rains like hell down here in S FL almost every day.
Ernesto really put a wrench in the works!
Miss the FTA big time!
I was surprised to find that even G10 has some weekend analog activity, especially during football season. Some WAC and PAC-10 action. Probably no where close to the SBS 6 and the AMC birds but for some of us with a fixed dish system on G10 (Well that's probably all of us :D ) G10 is an easy way for newbies to get started on analog KU feed watching. That's usually the first bird FTAers try to point at anyways. That's how I got started.
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