Kudos to Dish

david in texas

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Jan 5, 2005
I just want to say Kudos to Dish. How many other large companies monitor social media and respond directly to consumers, trying their best to accommodate them?

I've been with Dish for almost 15 years and Lord knows every other cable/fiber/satellite provider has tried to get me to switch, even offering cash up to $500.00 to make said switch, yet I've stayed loyal.

Are they perfect? No. No company is. But at least they try. Will I switch one day? Maybe. But for now I'm really happy.

Thanks Dish and your team of "foot soldiers" that help keep us all happy.


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Oct 30, 2003
Rochester, NY Region
I had TWC cable in addition to Dish for 2 years. Their equipment is so far behind Dish, it's pathetic. You have to remember to tune to the HD station rather than the SD when using the coax. It's not integrated. Only 1 tuner on the dvr. Their equiv to Dish Anywhere only allows you to watch national channels. You can't watch your locals or RSN remotely.
I've been with Dish since the time when you had to buy and install your own equipment..