Landline Numbers Can Switch To Cells

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The Federal Communications Commission yesterday greatly expanded the number of customers who could switch their home phone service to a cellular carrier and keep the same phone number.

The change, which takes effect Nov. 24 in the country's top 100 metropolitan areas, allows a home user to switch as long as the coverage areas overlap.

It could take a day or more for a newly activated cell phone to work with the home phone number. Some customers also would be able to switch a cell phone to a home phone.

The wireless industry has already been preparing for the Nov. 24 deadline for allowing cellular phone customers to switch to another wireless carrier and keep the same phone number.

The switch could be delayed as the local phone companies fight a change that could siphon millions of customers away. But the wireless industry and FCC officials said the move would benefit consumers.
I wonder what Dish is going to do when a lot of people get their landlines disconnected in favor of cell phones. Just as a lot of people are switching from cable to satellite (from a wired product to a wireless product) they are doing the same thing with phones, from a hardwired line to a wireless cell phone line.
I assume that DISH has an alternate way of ordering PPV like BEV, SC, and DirecTV. BEV allows you to phone in (from any phone including a cel) to order. D* lets you order on line and by phone - altho they charge extra for phone ordering. BEV uses a computer, not a human when you phone in.

Only problem arises is for those that have multiple recvrs.

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