Latest CME causing issues with satellites?

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Jan 7, 2023
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Does anyone know if the last CME that's causing all the aurora could possibly be affecting satellite signals?

I'm seeing a lot of customers with a lot of loss on sat 119 today.... just curious.
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It's the most significant solar storm in more than 2 decades. Some interreference, at least in the form of lower tolerances for faults is to be expected. That being said, operators of all things vulnerable to this kind of thing have been spending the last 2 decades preparing for just this kind of storm.

Aurora was visible here in the Las Vegas valley. Pretty wild. The storm continues, but is tapering off, but another significant CME expected to get here tomorrow. Surprised there isn't a thread for this somewhere, but the board isn't as active as it used to be.


Meanwhile, 35 minutes northwest of me, a friend took this photo. Merely a 30 second exposure:

Been a rainy year. Last year was drier than ever about this time.

Effects of these MCEs depend heavily on how they intersect with our magnetic field when they arrive. Simply having that magnetic field is very protective and diverts away most of the energy in most circumstances, but there are times when alignments allow for and even usher in damaging radiation.

I remember seeing aurora effects without really realizing what it was in 1989 while out on sat calls. I don't recall having heard about it on news ahead of time.


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