Legacy LNB's on Dish Pro Equipment


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Dec 15, 2003
I keep getting mixed answers from Dish Tech. Support and EchoStar. The question is Does Legacy LNB's work on Dish Pro Equipment. I tried 4 in a row and it would not see the switch. Does this matter and can you skip that screen regardless of what it says? Dish Tech. Support says it works and some of them say it doesn't work and EchoStar says they work but I'm not sure because they are out of Dish Pro LNB's at the moment and using the Legacy LNB instead. Can anyone tell me the truth and if so how does it work.

Thank You
Ronnie J.
-DishPro LNB's & switches will work only with DishPro receivers (301, 501, 508, 510, 811)
-Legacy Switches & LNB's will work with all receivers
-You cannot mix DishPro & Legacy LNB's together. All switches & LNB's have to be one or the other.

What exactly are you trying to do? Need some more info..what receivers do you have, how many dishes, any switches??

Unless you are only trying to get one satellite, you will have to run a check switch test.
The receivers that I am using are the Dish Pro's (301,322, 510, 721) and I am not using any switches. It is a direct run from the Sat. to the receiver and only on Quad. installs (3 or more receivers). They are still telling me that it will work. I haven't had to try it today, but I went through 4 of them this weekend, and it didn't work on any of them. I've also heard that the Legacy LNB's are notorious for not working in the first place. Thats the reason I took four of them out on one job with me. I know that you can't use Dish Pro on Legacy equipment without having an adapter, but they are telling me that it does work the other way around just as long as it a DishPro500 dish.

Also, I'm curious, when working by yourself what is the best way that you have found to sight the dish in to get both the 119 and the 110? I've tried using VOX 2-way radios and a cheap sat. $12 finder. Are there any other ways that you have found that works pretty good with out getting the customer involved? :)

Ronnie J.
For the first part, check the length and quality of your cable. DishPRO goes further from LNBF to receiver than Legacy.
RonnieJ said:
Also, I'm curious, when working by yourself what is the best way that you have found to sight the dish in to get both the 119 and the 110?
How about installing a receiver at the dish?

I used a portable 13" TV and an extension cord to put the receiver at the dish. You can always connect the real cables later (unless you get sloppy and tear up your pointing when removing the LNB to swap cables).

Another question I have: What is the easiest way to connect a backfeed? Do you have to use diplexers? Can you use regular splitters or do they have to be the high MHz. splitters? I know that you can split it of the TV out and run it back up the wall, but that usually includes dropping another line down the wall. How would you do it without dropping another line and do it all in the attic? Any info. or suggestions wold be great!!

Thank you,
Ronnie J.

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